Episode 30 – Antarctica… or is it?

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Episode 30 – It’s Antarctica time!!! Welcome… to a land of mystery. Google Earth sees anomalies. Satellite imagery allows the imagination to wander. WWII-era Nazis may have colonized the Frozen Continent, and thus New Swabia was born? Hitler built UFOs? U-boats gone missing? Pyramids under the ice & snow? The Brits enter the conflict with Operation Tabarin. Admiral Byrd rises from our conversational ashes. Disney’s Atlantis sank like a stone… to the bottom… of the ocean. But the bottom of the planet? 60’s icon Donovan enlightens us. Medieval cartographers draw up a coastline free of ice. Aliens exist: Just ask Donatella Versace. And we’ve got Antarctica on lockdown… Unless you’re Barack Obama. Eat more pupusas!