Episode 21 – Shameless, SMILF, Momma Trish Returns!

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Episode 21 – CongratuLAtion! Old-head hip hop > Young-kid hip hop. Nothing says “face tattoo” quite like Anne Frank. What is an iPhone without the “i”? Just so you know, go grow your mo: it’s November. Movember. Grow-vember?  Baptism finally allows Vic to walk on water. And you get balloons!!! Jesus is the reason for the (Philadelphia Eagles’) season. Magic roses and moldy cupcakes keep hope alive. Uncle Eddie makes me get the beer. Electric slide into our DMs. Livin’ in sin at the Holiday Inn. Decorating in Dallas, Momma Trish takes a time out to warn us about Facebook scams. Everything Adam Sandler does is cute. Shameless is back, with less to be shameful for. Rumors around town have Marty York appearing in Showtime’s SMILF. Fear the Walking Dead > The Walking Dead.

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