Episode 11 – The Ataris, The Queers and Dead Kennedys, Also Moana

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Episode 11 – Brian visits L.A., interrupts a woman’s reading, and pushes a dead car. Oh, and The Ataris rock out The Viper Room. Y’all know about the Moon City though, right?? Assmaster Bob gets a deer dick in the tailpipe. Vic & Brian do Trivia with Budds. Chip bites a Dead Kennedy. “Kk” is cray cray, K? Rush to see Moana– before Disney creates their own Netflix. Julia eats hot dogs when she’s sober. Twin Peaks returns… with nudity! Reese’s cups vs. “Reesees” cups. Reverse-osmosis Caramello bars. Avocados & goat cheese are not junk food. Steve loved Selena and isn’t embarrassed (to cry). Fond memories of Princess Leia. Hog Log, Cheeto, and Joe Queer bust out their prized comics (The Avengers #4!?). And Trick Daddy loves the kids…

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