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Episode 43 – SAG Awards, Blood Wolf Supermoon, Mahershala Ali

Episode 43 – Good to be back! Vic attends the Fire Festival in his own backyard. Bark at the Super Blood Wolf Moon! Steph Curry loves vegetable lasagna. Gettin’ saggy with the SAG Awards: Darren Criss, of The Assassination of Gianni Versace, takes home the Actor, […]

Episode 41 – Maniac, Luke Cage, Ancient Aliens

Episode 41 – Back back backy back. The Summer of Sandlot is slowly subdued to a simmer… ya know… because it’s Fall. Vic goes a-cruisin’ and misses out on Tulúm, in Mexico (frowny face). Chichén Itzá is a must-see as well. What Giorgio Tsoukalos REALLY means […]

Episode 40 – Oakland A’s, Aubrey Plaza, Deadpool 2

Episode 40 – Alright alright alright! Sandlot successes in SLC and SLO. Come join the fellas out at the Oakland A’s game: Oakland Colosseum, September 1st! Procure yourself a seat with their rabid fans… in the A-Hole? Updating movie quotes for the new millennium. Pitching a […]

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