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Episode 38 – Special Wife Edition!

Episode 38 – Victor is joined by his beloved wife & cohost-in-life, Whitney DiMattia. Surprise Days are key to a happy marriage. Vic prefers pale white or sunburn to getting a Man Tan, but Zinka was the jam. Martha Stewart is the Body Electric. Too many […]

Episode 37 – Incredibles 2, Street Food Cinema, iPhone Secrets Exposed!

Episode 37 – Uh-oh, Spaghetti-o’s! Wisdom tooth surgery ain’t no joke. Pass out the good painkillers! Shoutin’ out some ‘casts: check out our friends, The Bright Side with with Kevin and Jason, as well as The Dan and Kody Podcast. Catch Vic & some of the […]

Episode 36 – Special Guest Patrick Renna!, Phillies and Eagles and Dodgers and Sportscenter, World Cup?

Episode 36 – Save a horse, ride a shih tzu… Vic recounts his amazing times out & about. Throwing out the first pitch at a Phillies game with Jay Pharaoh; it doesn’t matter where you stand. Philly radio tour with Anthony Gargano and Preston & Steve. […]

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