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Episode 40 – Oakland A’s, Aubrey Plaza, Deadpool 2

Episode 40 – Alright alright alright! Sandlot successes in SLC and SLO. Come join the fellas out at the Oakland A’s game: Oakland Colosseum, September 1st! Procure yourself a seat with their rabid fans… in the A-Hole? Updating movie quotes for the new millennium. Pitching a […]

Episode 39 – Special Guests Kevin and Jason from “The Bright Side with Kevin and Jason”!

Episode 39 – Always look on The Bright Side of life! (…now whistle.) Special guest hosts in studio this week! Kevin Held & Jason T. Gaffney join us from the podcast: “The Bright Side with Kevin & Jason”. Extra extra special guest: Chip. Discussing the multiple-first-pitch […]

Episode 38 – Special Wife Edition!

Episode 38 – Victor is joined by his beloved wife & cohost-in-life, Whitney DiMattia. Surprise Days are key to a happy marriage. Vic prefers pale white or sunburn to getting a Man Tan, but Zinka was the jam. Martha Stewart is the Body Electric. Too many […]

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